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High Concentration Protein Formulation Technology

BRL has received a worldwide patent for its technology for High Concentration Protein Formulations with Reduced Viscosity, in May 2020.


This technology holds the potential as a platform technology and enables SubQ delivery of mAbs, by combining low volume, high concentration formulation with an appropriate delivery device like a syringe, wearable device or an autoinjector.


BRL provides the most convenient and cost effective method of converting IV formulations into SubQ.

Snapshot of BRL's platform for High Concentration Protein Formulation Technology

The most effective and cost efficient Viscosity-Reduction Platform for monoclonal antibodies in the market today

BRL's High Concentration Protein Formulation Technology with its GRAS excipients outperformed all other published buffer and excipient combinations, resulting in high concentration formulations with significantly lower viscosity.


Concentration : Viscosity achieved using BRL's Technology

Concentration :     250mg/mL

Viscosity           :     18 cP