Protein Purification using Crystallization Technology

The BRL proprietary platform for purification of proteins by crystallization is an efficient alternative to Protein A Column Chromatography. This platform requires minimum capex and is applicable for purification of proteins, peptides and enzymes. This is a quick, easily scalable and highly cost effective alternative to conventional purification.


As biologic manufacture moves towards "Continuous Manufacturing", crystallization based purification could make the entire supply chain more efficient in terms of cost and time. 

Snapshot of BRL's platform for Protein Purification using Crystallization

A Pure Opportunity to DISRUPT the Market

The BRL Crystallization platform in combination with a high yielding, robust upstream process has the potential to substantially reduce COG. Increased efficiency in the manufacturing process along with the reduced cost of goods would offer a  significant advantage in the biosimilar landscape.

Purification of Trastuzumab

The purity and overall characteristics of Trastuzumab purified using BRL's Crystallization method were not just comparable but marginally superior to the Protein A Column purification method.